The Sculptor "In The Flesh" Online Gallery.

"David Begbie's sculptures have attracted more attention and have elicited more enquiries than any other artist's work in recent memory. He is at once a sculptor and a renderer of shadows - incredible drawings which aren't. Most other artists sculpt from the outside in, Begbie not only sculpts from the inside out but utilizes lighting to create dramatic shadows. "

- Bruce R. Lewin, Bruce R. Lewin Gallery,
New York, New York

Information about David Begbie:

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ITEM Begbie-1
David Begbie :: Doubles
Doubles size 32"

ITEM Begbie-2
David Begbie :: Hiwire
Hiwire size 45x9.5x6.5"

ITEM Begbie-3
David Begbie :: Back To Front
Back to front size 27x14x7"

ITEM Begbie-4
David Begbie :: Standingman
Standingman size 28.5x10.5x7"

ITEM Begbie-5
David Begbie :: Face To Face
Face to Face size 29"

ITEM Begbie-6
David Begbie :: Torso
Torso size 38x14.5x8"

ITEM Begbie-7
David Begbie :: Dive98
Dive98 size 24.4"

ITEM Begbie-8
David Begbie :: Backdrop
Backdrop size 27"