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Curriculum Vitae

1940 Born in the district Herbert near Kimberley.
1950 Parents move to South West Africa. (Namibia)
1956 Started painting under South West painter Banie van der Merwe.
1958 Matriculated Windhoek Hoerskool.
1958-1959 Private painting lessons under Otto Schroeder in Windhoek.
1960 Started studies in Art under prof H M van der Westhuysen, Zakkie Eloff, Anna Vorster, Leo Theron and Gunther van der Reis at the University of Pretoria.
1963 Received BA(Fine Arts) degree.
First one man exhibition in Windhoek.
1964-1966 Teacher in Art, Windhoek.
1967 Locum Tenentes at the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education.
1969 Junior lecturer in the Department of History of Art, Universiy of Pretoria.
1970 Received MA(Fine Arts) degree, University of Pretoria (cum laude).
1972 Responsible for the introduction of the Fine Arts training programme on the campus of the University of Pretoria.
1974 Received DPhil degree, University of Pretoria.
1978 Appointed as Head of the Department of Fine Arts, University of Pretoria.
His book, "Kuns in SWA" appears in three languages: Afril@@aans, English and German.
1979 Promoted to Professor in Fine Arts.
Received the J P van der Walt award for his publication "Kuns in SWA".
1980 Development of new Department of Fine Arts.
Received commendation for his painting "Rooi Landskap", Republic Festival Exhibition, Durban.
(Critic Edward Lucie Smith).
1983 Appointed Commissioner for S A's participation in the Valparaiso Biennale.
Visited Argentina and Chili and made contact with artists like Juan Egenau.
Visited various foundaries in the USA, Britain and France to study their bronze casting methods.
1984 Increased attention to university career and development of activities in the Department of Fine Arts.
1987 Began cooperation with Everard Read Gallery in Johannesburg.
1988 Department of History of Art consoli- dated with Department of Fine Arts.
1991 Retrospective exhibition, University of Pretoria.
1992 University of Pretoria began with a collection of his paintings.
1993 Concluded a contract with Global Art, Switzerland, to represent him abroad.


Namibian Arts Association, Windhoek.
Government of Namibia, Windhoek.
Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, Windhoek.
SABC, Johannesburg.
HSRC, Pretoria. Volkskas Bank, Pretoria.
SASOL, Johannesburg.
Meat Board, Pretoria.
University of Pretoria.
University of the Orange Free State, Bloemfontein.
University of South Africa, Pretoria.
Pretoria Art Museum.
William Humphreys Art Museum, Kimberley.
City Council of Springs.
City Council of Windhoek.
State collection of South African Art, Bonn, Germany.
Momentum Life Assurance.
Anglo American, Johannesburg.
J.C.I., Johannesburg.
Rand Merchant Bank, Johannesburg.
Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg.
Oliewenhout Art Museum, Bloemfontein.
Department of Fine Arts, Pretoria.
Mercedes Benz SA, Pretoria. Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Corporation.
Sankorp (Pty) Ltd, Johannesburg.
Everite Ltd, Johannesburg.
Price Forbes Group, London.
Genbel Limited, Johannesburg.
First National Bank.
Head Interiors, Johannesburg.
Russell Marriott & Boyd Trust, Durban
The Head Group, Johannesburg.
J L Margo, Oxford, U.K.
Phillip Sameuls Fine Art, St. Louis, Missourri, USA.
Global Art, Geneva, Switzerland.
B J Hays, London.

Prof Roos has already had 16 solo exhibitions in the Republic of South Africa and Namibia, and has participated in a large number of group exhibitions.

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